#140 Strada AV ABR

17 Aprile 2017

#140 Strada AV ABR

Dear La Marzocco Family Member,

we are proud to announce that the Strada AV is now also available with the Auto Brew Ratio technology!

The Auto Brew Ratio system (previously introduced in the Linea PB) is now available in the Strada AV, with the same firmware, load cell and electronic board.
As in the Linea PB ABR, it is possible to configure each group in a distinct operating mode:
- "PULSE": the machine excludes the scales and only considers the flowmeters.
- "MASS": the machine will brew a given weight of espresso in the cups.
- "BREWRATIO": the machine will automatically brew the correct weight of espresso, based on the amount of ground coffee and the given brew ratio.

The whole scale system is integrated into the drain tray and connected to the frame of the machine by an aluminium bar.
The scale's electronics are connected to the Linea board (one of the two Strada's main boards) by a single cable which is plugged to the electronic box (see the picture below) and can be easily disconnected. 


Each scale is contained in a metal box which is attached to the aluminium bar.
Please note that, although the box is covered with a plastic lid to prevent damages from water ingression to the load cell and the electronic board, the plastic cover does not completely seal it.


As prevention against water dripping, each grid also has a protection shield underneath (see the picture below), which diverts the water away from the load cell. 



Moreover, under each grid there is a plastic protection piece which breaks the water flow in the drain tray.
Please pay attention when placing the plastic protection pieces as in order to better drain the liquid they must be positioned with the slot facing the front panel of the machine (see the picture below). 


Removal of the electronic box is hindered by the scale system.
To perform this operation, it is possible to slide up the aluminium bar on which all scale's boxes are mounted. This allows the space necessary for pulling the electronic box out.
In order to move the bar upwards, remove the two outer screws which hold the bar in position and loosen (do not remove) the four inner ones in order to pull the bar up. Then secure the bar in the upper position by tightening again the four inner screws.
The two external screws will set the bar level once it has been pushed down to the correct position.


Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.


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