The driving forces behind a championship!

The driving forces behind a championship!

28 Febbraio 2012 -

Preparation is everything when you are about to compete at the World Barista Championship. It's even more nerve wrecking than the event itself. Organizing last years WBC in Bogotá, Colombia was a huge challenge, not in the least for the Dutch competitor Yakup Aidin. Getting all the equipment to South America resulted in some exciting and hilarious moments.

The financial cost that goes into organizing and participating at a WBC are high. Therefore financial back-up can be a huge advantage. But it is not only money the Dutch team seek from their sponsors. Their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm can make the difference between getting into the final or not.

For the second year in a row, quality espresso spare parts and barista tools company Nuova Ricambi will sponsor the Dutch team on its quest for gold. Owner Marcello Zanesi is a very good friend of the Dutch team. His enthusiasm contributed in last year’s WBC competitor Yakup place in the final. For several years Marcello has been a very loyal partner and with his support the entire team is certain that they can progress even further on the global coffee stage

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