Nuova Ricambi was born in Carugate, Milan, in 1980, to manage the spare parts of the Nuova Faema Company, on behalf of Gepi; hence the name Nuova Ricambi as Nuova Faema.

The company was founded by Marcellino Zanesi and Ermanno Marzetti, two employees of the Nuova Faema company (manufacturers of coffee machines). The two ex-employees successfully managed the newly formed Nuova Ricambi.

1980 -

In fact, when Nuova Faema was sold to a financial company in 1987, the two partners decided to remain in the spare parts market keeping the name Nuova Ricambi, already known, but to open up to the distribution of components of all the main manufacturers of coffee machine.

Since its inception, Nuova Ricambi has focused on innovation in the form of new products. Over time, the range has greatly expanded, resulting in a range of major brands of coffee grinders, cup washers, ice maker, cleaning products and accessories for baristas and, from 2019, the spare parts of the best brands for professional kitchens, washing and commercial refrigeration, with the purchase of Nuova SM Commerciale srl in Cesena.

Nuova Ricambi’s passion for the world of coffee and customer service is its greatest strength, allowing the company to develop as a market leader in Italy and around the world.


Creation of Nuova Ricambi USA, a company for North American customers. In 2016 it became the current SproParts.


Distribution agreement with Coffee Parts, in Australia.


Distribution agreement with Espresso Engineers in New Zealand.


Exclusive contract in Venezuela with Distribuidora Giorgio.


A very important year for Nuova Ricambi: the Florentine coffee machine manufacturer, La Marzocco decided to entrust Nuova Ricambi with the exclusivity of its original spare parts around the world. The two companies had already been collaborating for nearly 20 years.

2009 -

Nuova Ricambi Taiwan was born and in 2011, Nuova Ricambi China was born to strengthen its presence in Asia.


Espresso Solutions became the official distributor of Nuova Ricambi in the United Kingdom.


To serve the South American market, an agreement was created with Cafe', Cozinha & Cia. in Brazil.


Distribution agreement with Coffee Parts Colombia.

Nuova Ricambi and Nuova SM Commerciale: a winning synergy.

Acquisition of the company SM Commerciale, a company with a solid reputation established in the national market in the distribution of original and compatible spare parts for professional kitchens, washing and commercial refrigeration, as well as manufacturers of customized gaskets for refrigeration.

Quality, Research & Development, Technical Assistance and Speed: these are the main strengths of Nuova Ricambi and Nuova SM Commerciale. A single independent company for your spare parts in the world of coffee and professional kitchens.

2019 - Nuova Ricambi and Nuova SM Commerciale: a winning synergy.
Expansion and Automation

The growth that has taken place over the years has led Nuova Ricambi to perfect its service more and more. Starting in 2008, improvements and company extensions were made, with the installation of the first two automated vertical warehouse systems. The warehouse modernization operation was completed in 2019 with the addition of five additional modules that work through our centralised, innovative, IT system, which allows us to optimize picking times and keep our web shop updated in real time. Thanks to these new and sophisticated technologies, delivery times have been reduced to just 24 hours for Italy and 48 hours for shipments abroad, meeting the needs of repair technicians who can in turn reduce their warehouse stock whilst also allowing us to lower our minimum order value.

Marcello Zanesi, CEO of Nuova Ricambi is an authentic expert in the coffee industry and a great collector of antique lever machines: all these pieces of history are collected in the lovely museum set up at our headquarters in Carugate.

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