Nuova Ricambi was born in Carugate in 1980 to manage spare parts for the company Nuova Faema.

In 1976 the public financial rescue GEPI had acquired the assets of the company Faema and had formed the company Nuova Faema: two employees of the company, Marcellino Zanesi and Ermanno Marzetti, took into external management all the spare parts of the newly-formed company.


The name brings good luck to the new company and, when Nuova Faema is sold to a holding company in 1987, Nuova Ricambi decide to keep the original name and begins to distribute components of all major brands of coffee machines, grinders, washing cups and ice makers.


The company focuses on innovation on products, logistic systems and warehouse, working worldwide with increasingly demanding customers. In 1995 the branch Nuova Ricambi USA was inaugurated in Concord, for the management of customers in North America. A distribution agreements are then signed in 1999 with Coffee Parts in Australia and in 2000 with Espresso Engeneers in New Zealand.


In 2006 the company was taken over by the son of Marcellino, Marcello Zanesi, who takes the reins of Nuova Ricambi with the same passion of his father and with renewed energy.

Marcello is not only an authentic expert in the field and in all its peculiarities, he is also a great collector of old lever machines and an innovator with regard to the new technologies and the automation systems.


In 2006 the exclusive for Venezuela has been given to the company Distribuidora Giorgio, one of its first customers since 1980.


In 2008 the new automated warehouse system has been introduced. Orders can now be inserted via computer and the data are automatically sent to the high-bay warehouse. The delivery time is reduced to 24 hours for Italy and 48 hours for foreign countries to meet the needs of repairers who can reduce their warehouse stocks, also facilitated by the lowering of the minimum order.


The market is conquered with the efficiency and the delivery short timings: customers around the world greet with enthusiasm Marcello Zanesi and his co-workers, recognizing their expertise and love for this work.


2009 is an important year for Nuova Ricambi: the company La Marzocco decides to entrust to Nuova Ricambi, their supplier for nearly 20 years, the exclusivity of the original spare parts in the world.


Great traveller and firm believer of the importance of being synergistically present on the territory, Marcello is committed to strengthen the relations with the 4 Sisters Companies that already exist and, in just a few years, opens the Sisters Companies in Europe: Nuova Ricambi Deutschland in 2010 and Espresso Solution UK in 2012; in Asia, Nuova Ricambi Taiwan in 2010 and Nuova Ricambi China in 2011; in South America, in Brazil Cafe 'Cozinha CIA in 2013 and Parts Coffee in Colombia in 2014.


2015 was a significant year for the company: the steady growth over the years has led to the arrival of seven new elements in the team and the makeover of the website, now a very important business tool and one of the strengths of a company always looking for innovative solutions for its customers.


In 2016 the relationship with Nuova Ricambi USA ends, caused by a different view on the distribution but, above all, on the quality of customer service: the new branch, Sproparts, opens in Seattle.

The offices were expanded and a further warehouse, adjacent to the historic site in Via dei Mille 20 in Carugate, has been  bought.